Over the past 3 years, our school has introduced and embraced the Thrive approach.

The main aim of Thrive is to support children’s engagement and progress in learning by building up their social and emotional development. It is lifelong learning and compliments what we already do in Dryden school.

Thrive supports pupils using social strategies and through arts based activities and is supported by research into neuroscience and attachment theory. Through arts based activities, pupils can create positive interactions, enjoyment and shared fun as well as build up their stress management systems. 

Every child is receiving Thrive at some level in school. We have 3 lunchtime clubs running; Feeling good club every Tuesday, Pamper club on Wednesdays and Fitness for fun where pupils will engage in dancing using chairs on Monday lunchtimes. Other on going Thrive school sessions include Music therapy, Intensive interaction; especially for our students in Class 5 and we have the hens and also Hector the therapy dog who comes in and who some of our pupils read to or sit with.

Please click on the information below for further information or contact school should you have any specific questions:

Thrive letter for Parents

How Parents can help at Being, Doing and Thinking

Thrive info leaflet for Parents


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