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Pupil Premium Grant Strategy 18/19

Dryden Pupil Premium Strategy 18 19


Pupil Premium Grant Evaluation 17/18

Dryden Pupil Premium Final Evaluation 17 18


Pupil Premium at Dryden School 2016- 2017

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Pupil Premium at Dryden School 2015- 2016

‘Pupils have benefited from staffing and resources to support reading, phonics and numeracy skills as well as promoting social, emotional and better mental health and attendance.

The music therapist – Bev Raynor has produced an update report ( September – December 2015) .There have been 12 regular attendees and 68 attendances to sessions between September and  October Bev works with both individuals and closed group sessions.  Bev has also attended a recent parent’s evening to speak about the work she has been doing with pupils’

Pupil Premium at Dryden School 2014- 2015

We have used some PPG funding to support small group or 1:1 interventions. We strongly feel that this has a positive impact for PPG pupils. This year the funding has been used to allow music therapy sessions to take place one day per week and provide support for rebound therapy focussing on communication as well as intensive physical support on daily basis .We continue to track individual pupils who qualify for pupil premium and identify interventions.

Total amount of PPG received £19,635

2014-15 Pupil Premium Report for Governors (PDF)


Pupil Premium at Dryden School 2013- 2014

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received
Total number of pupils on roll 44
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 19
Amount of PPG received per pupil £900
Total amount of PPG received £18,000


Summary of PPG spending 2013/14
Objectives in spending PPG: To develop phonics & reading for middle & high achievers.To develop maths skills.To develop communication and cause & effect for pupils with PMLD.
Summary of spending and actions taken: Funding was used to provide in class cover to allow 2 TA’s to work with individuals and small groups
Outcomes to date: All pupils have had intensive phonics or communication sessions. Most have exceeded or made progress towards targets in September 2013.



Pupil Premium at Dryden School 2012- 2013

pupil premium


pupil premium

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