Aims and Vision

At Dryden School we aim to:

  1. Ensure we provide a happy, safe, nurturing and enjoyable learning environment which maximises learning and achievement for all
  2. Develop strong partnerships with parents/carers to meet the needs of our pupils and students
  3. Build strong effective relationships with all our multidisciplinary colleagues
  4. Offer a curriculum that is creative, relevant, enterprising, exciting, motivating and reflects (pupils and students) individual preferences and needs
  5. Promote respect, well -being, ambition, confidence and self -esteem.
  6. Develop independent living skills to equip students with knowledge and skills to support their future.
  7. Ensure a successful transition to adulthood and life after school.
  8. Support our students to develop a fulfilling role in society 

    ‘Nurture today for an outstanding tomorrow’

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