The Comenius Programme is a European Union Educational Project.

It aims “to help young people and educational staff better understand the range of european cultures, languages and values”.


Comenius Ireland Trip – Summary

Well that’s it. Our Comenius trip to Ireland is over! 5 boys delivered safely home to their families and 3 staff on their way to the pub! (Only joking….) What a week! What a fantastic time! What a brilliant group of students! Not a pick of bother!... read more

Ireland – Day 4

Day 4 and our last full day in Ireland. Compared to the previous 3 days, today has been rather relaxed! We were still up and ready and down for breakfast at 8 o clock and made the most of the amazing buffet – it would be rude not to! The last thing on our... read more

Ireland – Day 3

Well we are officially over half way through our Comenius trip to Ireland. After breakfast, we got the bus to the school. The bus driver is now very well acquainted with the boys who shake his hand every time they get on, and off (despite each journey being only... read more

Ireland – Day 2

Well if we thought yesterday was exhausting, today was off the scale. After a peaceful night’s sleep we got up and ready for breakfast – and what a selection we had to choose from! After stuffing our faces with the delights of the hot buffet counter we set off... read more

Ireland Trip – Day 1

Today has been a long day!!! Mrs Coulson’s husband picked us up from school and took us to Newcastle airport. John sang allllllll the way there – we were in for a long journey!! We arrived at the airport, checked our bags in and sat in front of the... read more
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