Happy New Year to everyone, we hope you had an enjoyable holiday and enjoyed the festivities. It is lovely to see everyone back in school so settled and enthusiastic for a new term.

The weather this winter has been very good and long may it continue. However when the weather is predicted to be severe we follow Local Authority guidance, if a decision is made to close the school early in the morning there will be announcements on the following radio stations:

Metro Radio                           FM 103.0 (Gateshead) & 97.1 (Newcastle)
BBC Radio Newcastle          FM 104.4 (Gateshead)  95.4 (Newcastle)

If the weather is bad please listen for these announcements. We understand these are repeated every 15 minutes.  We also have a text messaging service, which we use to send messages. Please let us know any changes in telephone numbers and contact details.

Café 16 will reopen on Thursday 17th January. Please send in money if your child wishes to buy anything. We also request a voluntary contribution of  £1 per week to cover the cost of a range of healthy snacks and drinks, which pupils have on a daily basis in class.

We look forward to your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Dawn Winter

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