Class 3 have had a lovely project where they have identified one member of their family to buy a present for, again using their banking money. This is money that is accrued up from money sent in from home and also wages from class enterprise. After they identified which family member, they researched what shops they would want to look into for that person and made a list in ICT. They then went to Metrocentre and had to follow directions and look at maps  to find their shops. Each student had a challenge of not going over a certain price so this meant they had to really look closely at prices, something that some of them didn’t even think was important! All pupils paid independently and then later in maths, had to wrap up their presents. There were lots of skills used; from making sure the paper size was big enough for the item and tape placement as well as our constant work on fine motor skills and cutting out and handling tape. And after making gift tags in ICT and writing a letter in English after answering key questions to guide them to writing their letter, they are finally pleased to be taking home their gifts on the last day of term. 

Have a lovely Christmas, from Class 3.

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