Class 4 have spent all of the first half term looking at seasons.

This has been a thematic approach which means we have looked at different aspects of seasons across most of our lessons/subjects. For example, in Science we have looked at weather and trees and how they change as the seasons change, in Maths we have been on nature walks and used autumn items (e.g. leaves, twigs etc) to help us to sort, add and subtract, and in English we have worked hard on a sensory story that we have made into a book. Additionally, we have put a lot of time and effort into our garden and been on community visits to the local garden centre to research suitable plants that will survive the winter. We have dug up the flower beds, planted our flowers and have watered them every other day.

This coming half term we are going to spend 2 weeks at a time focusing on just one season. We will start with Summer, then move onto Autumn, Spring then end with Winter as we approach Christmas. We have an ongoing art project (watch this space!) and in History and Geography we will look at seasonal holidays, how they have changed over time and compare our seasons with Australia. We are looking forward to exploring lots of seasonal recipes in food tech!  

By sticking to one topic across all subjects, there is much more scope for repetition, routine and progression. Students at all levels are showing great recall and progress!


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