In Class 2 at Dryden we have started a new ‘Ivy Pathway’ curriculum for our semi formal learners. This is where we use a topic based approach, with positive “I can…” statements which is individualised for each learner. Our topic this term is ‘changes’ and in particular ‘seasons.’ 

In English we have created our very own seasons story, in which the children have chosen a character and acted out the story. We have looked at the weather in each season and activities that our characters Tom and Sam do in each season. (Summer – beach, play with big beach ball etc) (winter go to the quayside, have a snowball fight) We have also dressed ourselves in accordance with the season.  

In Maths we have went on many autumn walks where we have collected items to do with autumn (leaves, acorns etc) and counted them, matched them, sorted them by size and added and subtracted them.  

In Art we have created our very own seasons tree in which the children distinguished between the colours and textures used to make a tree for each season. 

In Geography we have created a poster on England and Australia and compared the seasons in the 2 countries and discussed the differences in the weather and activities they do in different seasons.  

In cooking we have made different foods that people might eat in autumn such as apple crumble






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