On Thursday the 2nd November, Helen Westerman from the NSPCC visited parents from both Dryden and Hilltop school to discuss the internet safety awareness of our pupils. Parents and staff were educated in identifying potential online risks and dangers and how to deal with any issues that do arise.

Various resources were introduced to educate our pupils on keeping themselves safe. The NSPCC have teamed up with O2 to provide various resources, regardless of if you are a customer of theirs. O2 offer various resources to parents to help keep children safe. They offer advice on privacy settings that can be used to control what a child has access to on the internet and how to enforce parental controls on WIFI. They can even assist with more personal issues; such as online bullying or inappropriate messaging. The free telephone number 0808 800 5002 or visit any store to gain free access to all of these services.

As a group, we talked at length about having positive conversations with youngsters regarding the internet and about adults being good role-models regarding privacy settings etc. There are 2 excellent booklets which are free. We have ordered these and will be sending them out in due course.

We are hoping to organise sessions for our young people where O2 Gurus will come and introduce aspects of technology whilst also delivering safe messages about on-line use.

Thanks to all of those who attended.


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