The elections took place at the end of the first half term. Students that wanted to put themselves forward as representatives for their class and then on Election Day, all classes came and voted for the representative for their class!

There was a clear winner in each class. Children who came in second place will act as deputy for when the representative can’t attend a meeting.

Straight away there were jobs to do. In the first meeting, the representatives had a tough decision to make, what style badge they would like. In the end, a red shield badge was chosen.

Unfortunately, due to it falling on a Saturday the School Council will not be able to attend the Remembrance Service but will sell Poppies in school.

On Wednesday 29th November we have been invited to go to the Low Fell Christmas Light Switch On which will be lots of fun!

On Friday 17th November we will be raising money for Children In Need. The Council members had lots of great ideas on what we could do to raise money including ‘Dressed in the Dark’ day wearing wrong clothes, mismatched clothes, odd shoes etc. They would also like to see the staff making fools of themselves by getting make overs from the pupils and putting their hands/feet into disgusting things.

It was decided that the charity we will be supporting this year will be the RSPCA.

We look forward to seeing what other decisions the council make this year!

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