Gateshead Leisure Pass

What can you use it for?

Free entrance to individual activities like swimming, soft play, fitness classes and fitness rooms. Locker tokens are to be paid for.
Fitness classes can be booked in advance however none-attendance may result in this facility being removed.
Free use for group activities like badminton, if they are not being used at the time that you ask at the Centre.
50% off the cost of swimming, gymnastics and other courses.

Gateshead Network for Children with Disabilities

Max Cards:

Max cards can be used at the attractions in your booklet.
You get one card per family and this covers all members of the family.
The cards expire at the end of the April 2017. You will then be sent a new card.
Alternatively, your access to the max cards and leisure passes expire on the day your child turns 18. Your registration with the network ends on that day

Please click on the links to download further information and application forms for access to Max Cards and Gateshead Leisure Centres:






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