On Wednesday 4th May we held a School Games Day in school.  This was the culmination of our work towards our objective of achieving a School Games Mark for the academic year 2015/16.  We have been working hard to establish systems to track pupil participation and ensure all pupils are able to participate in a wide range of sports activities held in our school and at different sporting events over the year, leading up to this event.

Pupils were based in their House Teams for the day, either Tyne Bridge, Swing Bridge, Millennium Bridge or Redheugh Bridge.  Suggestions for our House Teams were made by pupils and chosen by our School Sports Organising Crew.  As part of their team, in an active or supporting role, pupils participated in a range of sporting activities which reflected each of the six School Games Values: Passion, Self Belief, Honesty, Determination, Teamwork and Respect.  Wristbands and trophies were given out at the end of the day to individuals who performed best within the different values and a trophy was also awarded to the House Team who gained the highest number of points on the day – the Tyne Bridge Team with 372 points.

Well done to everyone for their efforts on the day!

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