Day 1

It’s 10.00pm and everyone is in their respective bedrooms. Chloe was out like a light and Amy didn’t put up much of a fight. Michael has had a few goes at going to bed and would have been happy to sleep in the chair. Jack and John are still going strong ……..
A good day, a little embarrassing to admit we got lost after getting fuel and ended up driving through Felling and back up past school. We then had another bash and made it to Felling Asda for a spot of shopping and a drink. 

Holiday 1

It was at this point John decided he would take over the driving!

Oh how lovely Michael’s just joined us! Clearly shattered but pointing at the unoccupied armchair and nodding at me! – ah bless. Have to say now that John and Jack have disturbed Michael they have gone quiet. Meanwhile, back at the blog ….

On to South Park in Darlington for a spot of lunch and high jinks
Holidays 2
The kids had quite a nice time too!

After a picnic lunch we left to find our cottage. Sandra was thrilled that she managed to get the bus up the drive and Marie was equally delighted to find out that the cottage has an upstairs suite of rooms for her that wasn’t in the description! (We’re all on the ground floor but I have told her that people can go up and down).

Holidays 3

Our BBQ in the garden….. keeping a safe distance from the business end.

(Michael is unimpressed with our company and has headed back off to bed.)

It’s been quite difficult fitting everything in – after our BBQ we had 5 baths to run (the only downside we can find here is the low water pressure) then it was time to start on supper….

Holidays 4

Will sign off now and go and sing Michael to sleep XX

Day 2

Day 2 in the big brother house….

Well, last night we left you, confident that all was quietish …. a tad optimistic as it turns out. Suffice to say that Jack was busy conducting security checks in the corridors until Michael was able to take over the morning shift at 5.20am – Great teamwork lads! (It has to be said that the girls were marvellous and we didn’t hear a peep out of them – not until 6.00 am when John kindly escorted them into the living room – he swears he didn’t wake them up!

We started the day with a cooked breakfast, which was enjoyed by all. Having made up a packed lunch we then set off for Preston Park…..

Holidays 1

Above: Checking out the competition – of course we had to buy some samples.

Holidays 2

Mindful of the fact we weren’t personally operating our tuckshop this week we sent Amy out begging as a precaution. This had serious repercussions when the police tried to move her on and Michael intervened and got himself arrested.

Holidays 3

The weather was lovely for our picnic.

Holidays 4

Holidays 5

We couldn’t resist another play in the park…. John doing an upside down and back to front superman!

After lunch we went to Butterfly World … you can tell from their faces just how much they enjoyed it! We wondered exactly what they had been expecting after they had expressed an interest in going to Butterfly World – clearly not butterflies and especially not those that move!

Holidays 6

Next stop shopping for presents and food for the evening …

Another lovely meal. Sandra took the precaution of dropping the colander of rice into the washing up bowl to make sure it really was clean!

Holidays 7

This evening’s entertainment was writing postcards and playing Britain’s Got Talent. Jack was fabulous as Simon Cowell – savage with the staff but trying hard to be supportive of his peers!

Michael has had another practice of his leavers ‘ performance and we think he’s beginning to get the idea. All students tired tonight and we think (touchwood) asleep!

Another update will be on it’s way tomorrow……

Day 3

Another early start for young Master Chambers – we like to think he’s maximising his hols to the full! (The rest happy to stay in bed and Chloe now has a new world record!)


Here Michael is watching Marie’s ‘bigs’ go round – not sure if it’s a reflection on our company or that he really does prefer the washer?!

We seem to be spending a lot of time either making meals or clearing up after them. There’s no danger of us going hungry although it is disappointing that no one really wants much supper.

We had a very successful shopping trip this morning and the students are all very excited about taking their presents home. (Sandra was gutted that she couldn’t find anything to spend her lottery winnings on.)

We had planned on going swimming today but the local pool shuts off quite a few lanes for the schools and we wouldn’t have had much access to the shallow end. We decided on bowling instead and Chloe played a blinder, doubling Sandra and Marie’s score. We also had a play in the amusement arcade – John Jack and Chloe spent up immediately but Amy and Michael got their money’s worth on the penny falls.


Then it was back to the bungalow for Pizza before heading out to the theatre. The plan had been to dress up but no one could be bothered!


John and Jack arm wrestling to decide who didn’t have to do the dishes. Amy busy on her tablet…. Again!

We went to Richmond to see the Little Shop of Horrors – it’s a fabulous theatre and we had great seats. (Would have been even better if they had backs – we were envious of Michael’s chair and he was lucky to keep it. He thought the show was very funny and enjoyed sharing the jokes with our neighbours.)


Back home and nearly everyone happy to go to bed.

11.35 and the last man standing is now snoring – result!

More updates coming soon!!

Day 4

Well another good day but I think we’re all flagging now – the students were very keen to go to bed tonight, although the huge meal we had might have helped. We’ve had a problem with our camera today so a lot of our photos haven’t worked.

Michael had a lie in and we did have to wake the others! A leisurely breakfast then a trip to Barnard Castle. They loved the charity shops – something for everybody!


Michael immediately spotted the keyboard – his parents owe us one for persuading him to leave it there! John (“keep the change”) Daley could have bought the whole shop …


After Chloe bought her 3rd cookery book she was satisfied she had enough. Jack had been after a smart shirt all week and was delighted to eventually find one. Amy couldn’t be tempted by anything.

We had a drink in a café before returning to base for lunch. We spent the afternoon getting ready to go out – Amy is fantastic with a hair dryer…..


We then had a lovely session in the karaoke room at Newton Aycliffe…….


Then off to the pub, The Bartree Inn for dinner – delicious……

 Here’s Jack enjoying his toffee sundae…..


Then back to the bungalow for our Awards:

The most independent student goes to Chloe for organising and looking after herself. She also gets a special mention for her ability to sleep through anything!

The most considerate student goes to Amy for thinking of others and wanting to help her friends. A special mention for her ability to use a hair dryer – amazing!

The most entertaining student goes to John – he’s kept everyone laughing all week.

The student with the most staying power – Michael – the first up and raring to go in the mornings and the last one awake at night! The irony is that tonight he took himself off to bed and missed the Award ceremony! All credit that he is still awake now though (10.30pm) when the others are all asleep!

The student with the tidiest room goes to Jack – a place for everything and everything in its place! Special mention for his honesty – On the bus – Sandra “Ooh is that wild garlic I can smell?” Jack “No Sandra I think that’s me – sorry!”

All in all a lovely holiday with very lovely students!



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