Barking News! Café team won ‘The Who Dunnit’ competition!

All our scientific investigations on pieces of evidence into the dognapping won this special award. We won a magnificent trophy filled with sweet treats.

After yesterdays ’who dunnit event’, Post 16 café team were happy that Storm was found safe and well with our help.

We decided we would celebrate by dedicating this week’s café to Storm.  With Human dog treats to hot dog sandwiches (no dogs were hurt in the making).

Our brand new till had its work cut out as did we.

With Lee and Jordan being such busy bees taking orders and delivering.

We had Katie minding the treat stall and the drinks counter.

Aaron and Daniel making hot dog sandwiches and Daniel and Amelia serving hot drinks to all the eager customers.

The café was very busy as always with our friends and family coming to join the celebrations, but we never ran out of any of their favourites as we are super online shoppers! And order just what we need.

Our best sellers of the day were our ‘people treat bags’ and our special ‘hot dogs’.

We would like to thank everyone who attended, and would love to see you all at our weekly café on a Thursday at 10am.

We hope to see you all soon!

Post 16 Café Team

Lee, Amelia, Katie, Daniel, Aaron, Daniel and Jordan.

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