John loves You Tube. He watches Michael Jackson, Del boy and Father Ted. John watches these at home and at school.

Chloe chooses not to use the computer in her leisure time at school. At home she looks up her favourite bands like Girls Aloud or watches cookery programmes.

Michael also likes to watch You Tube videos. He does this at home and at school. Michael also likes Espresso. We know he is safe when he is looking at espresso but he needs help checking the videos he’s watching are safe. (So do all the students!)

Jack has a computer in his bedroom that he plays games on. He doesn’t go on Facebook “because of strangers”. He says his brother can though.

Amy loves her ipad. She watches You Tube videos, plays games and gets help from her sister to go on Facebook. Amy uses Facebook to keep in touch with old friends from Grove House.

We say – The Internet is great but get an adult or family member to help you. If you see something you don’t like—TELL SOMEONE!!!


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