Students in Key Stage 4 ended their half term’s work on Boccia by having a whole Key Stage competition.  Students from Classes 4 and 5 met together on Monday 8th February to have a 4 game Boccia competition.  Students were organised into their House Teams with two teams forming the Red Team (Redheugh Bridge and Millennium Bridge) and the other two teams forming the Blue Team (Tyne Bridge and Swing Bridge).  Both teams showed good application and concentration to the task but ultimately the Blue Team came out on top, winning three of the four games and earning 12 points.  Each House Team will be allocated the points score from the match meaning that Redheugh Bridge and Millennium Bridge Teams each have an additional 3 points each and Tyne Bridge and Swing Bridge Teams have an additional 12 points each.  

The most improved player certificate for the match is awarded to Amy for listening to her advice which meant she was able to improve her technique.  Player of the match was awarded to Jacob who took his time with each of his shots and was able to produce accurate throws each time.  

Well done everyone!


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