Exciting News!

Dryden School has recently welcomed 6 hens to look after in connection with Henpower. We have formed a partnership with an older people’s sheltered housing scheme at Wood Green  where they also keep hens for the residents there.

Meet our lovely ladies!

Hens 12

Hens 10

Hens 11

Hens 9

Hens 8

Lady Midnight
Hens 7

Following a ‘Hen Roadshow’ last year, we got our very own hens, complete with new henhouse and fencing and feeders and they are fast becoming an established feature of life at Dryden School.  They are proving very popular and are gradually becoming more tame as they are handled and get used to us.  The pupils are becoming more skilled at holding them – at the moment, Cinders seems to be the most tame!  In spite of the cold and wet weather we have had, they seem to be quite happy and are settling well.

Post16 C baked delicious cakes from the hens eggs…….

Hens 1

Hens 2 Hens 4

More hen news soon!

Liz Johnson

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